January 31, 2011

Useful Softwares

Hi Everyone,

I decided to share some of the Software that is installed on my computer, so that any new users of the group get them.

1)  Adobe Reader X       ( X stands for Version 10  )
This is the latest version of Adobe Reader. It includes Sandboxing technology to improve the security of the software. Adobe Reader had lately become notorious for the various exploits that it's bugs had exposed.
Sandboxing prevents any Direct Write access of the PDF file to your system. Thus greatly reducing the chances of Viruses spreading via PDF files.


2) Copernic Desktop Search
An alternative to Google Desktop. I will not compare it with Google Desktop. Each has it's own strengths. You will need to decide for yourself.

Note Copernic is free only for Home use. (Non-commercial).

3) ImgBurn
A free CD/DVD burning software. The prime strength of this Software is that it is Extremely light on System Resources. It also has both Basic Interface for ordinary users and an Advanced Interface with a lot of configuration options for advanced users.

Let me warn you, the interface is not as slick as Nero. But it is one of the best freeware burners.


4) LibreOffice
As you all might be knowing, after the take over of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, many in the Open Source community that was behind OpenOffice.org(OOo) were afraid that Oracle will strangle it's development.
Thus to move out of Oracle shadow, they founded 'The Document Foundation'. A fork of the OOo code.
The name change was necessary because Oracle owns the copyright to the OOo logo and name.

This is an Office Application, i.e. a Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation software (along with others).

Warning: The user interface is very much like the old Microsoft Office XP. Thus users who like the new Office 2007/2010 interface may not like this.

Advantage: Free Software. You can even use it in Commercial Establishment without paying anything.

Disadvantage: Classic User-Interface.

You can try it by installing it alongside MS Office. If you like it, say goodbye to MS Office license payments :) .
BUT installing it alongside OpenOffice.org is NOT recommended.


That's four of the long list of software in my Start Menu.
All the above can be used for FREE by everybody, except Copernic which is free only for Home use.

January 20, 2011

2010 Fresher Hiring @ HTS Jan 22 2011

          2010 Passed out Engineering graduates  from CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, EIE only with 70% and above (aggregate) academics.

          Candidates who are inclined to settle down in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Madurai only will be considered.

          Selection Procedure  - Written Test , Technical Interviews , Group Discussion and HR Interview

          Candidates are required to carry with them copy of their  Resume, Certificates and any Identification proof

          Date: Saturday - January 22, 2011

          Venue: Mother Earth Building

          Time: 9:00 AM onwards


January 3, 2011

Message (Very Helpful) - Free Medication

Hi All,


        If anyone met with fire accident or people born with problems in their ear, nose and mouth can get free Plastic surgery done at kodaikanal pasam hospital, From 23rd  March to 04th April 2011 by German doctors. Everything’s is free. Contact no:045420-240668,245732.


           Helping hands are better than praying lips . lets hope some one will get helped by this.



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