September 20, 2011

Finestra Virtual Desktops

Finestra Virtual Desktops can help manage many windows or tasks on Windows. It lets you split up your desktop space into multiple "virtual" desktops, each one easily accessible. For example, we can keep all of your internet applications open on one desktop, work on another desktop for the normal routine, and still another for games or entertainment

Finestra virtual desktops also takes advantage of Windows' live window thumbnails to show live previews when viewed from the fullscreen "switcher" view. And, with Windows 7, Finestra utilizes the new taskbar features to make the experience natural and enjoyable.

XP owners needn't worry as Finestra Virtual Desktops does support it, however, window previews are not "live" since XP doesn't have DWM.

The 1776 KB Finestra Virtual Desktops can be downloaded at


PowerInbox is being touted as the next generation of email because it is

collaborative, realtime, and interactive. Its developers say PowerInbox
brings the app experience to email. It provides Email apps, christened
"PowerApps", to make your emails more useful by letting you perform
actions inside the email itself. For example, A Facebook email lets you
comment back on a photo, a Groupon email shows a live countdown to
expiry or a Twitter email lets you tweet and follow back.

The developers are building more apps for all favorite services, would
love to hear of any apps that you may want them to build for you.


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