October 29, 2009

Surya join hands with ISRO. Mission HELIWATER !!!!

Mission HELIWATER !!!!  

In an amazing news to TamilNadu, Indian Space and Research Organization has planned to send actor Surya to moon without any space launchers. This was decided after cheif Scientist Madhavan Nair watched the movie Adhavan in which the actor managed to jump from the ground to catch a helicopter. Cheif Scientist Madhavan Nair was quoted as “We think it will be wise solution as it reduces all the cost involved due to fuel and construction of space craft. It will also mark India as the first country to produce three living super heros if the mission is successful one. The main mission will be to bring water to Chennai from the moon”.

Surya was very excited about the prospect of flying till the moon. “I dedicate this trip to my daughter Diya” said Surya who is still recovering from his award winning syndrome. Jyothika was also excited.”I thought only I can overact but my husband has proved that he can overact even more than me. This over action by flying till helicopter has won him a trip to moon without space craft which is exciting”.

Kingfisher has decided to sponsor the event. Dr Vijay Mallya was quoted as “I am really excited about this thing. Kingfisher feels immensely proud to sponsor a trip to moon by a man. Surya will be wearing a dress sponsored by Kingfisher. It is same as the Banglore Royal Challengers dress. He will get water from the moon using the Kingfisher mineral water bottle which we provide him”.

Director K.S.Ravikumar was equally excited about the trip. K.S Ravikumar said that “I am pleased ISRO has seen my film when whole TamilNadu including my family are not willing to see the film. It shows the credibility of the movie. I am excited that Surya is travelling to moon without any space shuttle based on a scene from my movie. I would also recommend scientist all over the world to watch my other movies like Padayappa in which I tell the concept of differentiating granite hill from normal hill and Minsara Khanna in which I proved birds react on hearing cycle bell sound”.

Sarath Kumar, the head of Tamil film association said “It is a proud moment for Tamil Film Industry. K.S.Ravikumar should be given noble prize for identifying the talents in Surya. No scientist can find a suitable error free shuttle to moon. A Tamilian has solved all those problem. I am proud to be a Tamilian”.

Vijay TV has acquired the rights to telecast the event live on TV. The show will be hosted by Divyadharshini and judged by fellow super heros Vijayakanth and Arjun who have equally excelled in saving our country from foreign intervention. Marks will be given after Surya returns back to earth and based on amount of water he fetches from the moon. If the amount of water that Surya brings is less than the expected level he will not be given the super hero status which both the judges hold currently. Meanwhile Lalit Modi has told that IPL will share the profit with Surya, as Surya will be wearing the dress worn by Banglore Royal Challengers.

Meanwhile S.A. Chandrashekar was of his own idea to send his son Vijay to Mars without any sponsor. When asked for the reason he was quoted as “ISRO was totally unfair to my son. He has shown his flying ability in the movie Kuruvi. But they have totally ignored that. It is our turn to prove ISRO that my son also deserve the super hero status. We will take this mission on our own without any sponsors”.


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