January 25, 2013

Funny..5 Mins Refresh :)


I can walk in water.. Ha ha..

Aaah.. they are so hard

Sweeti..give room for your bro

Hmn.. my color dazzles

Ain't I cute ?

Oh..these rides. Give me a break..

How long u want me to stand like this ?

What are these things ?

Is my beak too long ?


Ain't I pretty with a flower ?

Aahh.. he always follows me..

Huh..this speck..

Argh..don't look at me that way

Let me stretch a bit..

Hwz my flying ?

Give it to me..

Here we go.. We like to move it move it..

Oyyee.! this way

These humans..Grrhh..

Ain't I better than the humans ?

Noo, I don't wanna pose, my hairstyle has gone bad..

I 'm special. Got a belly right under my beak.!

Lets fight.!

Got ya.!

What the hell do u think of me?

Can I trust him?

My fish, I got it, all by myself..

Mmn..the hairstylist has done a good job this time

Come to big mama.!

Grrrhh...no comments, else...

Uh.! I forgot..

Hahaha..That sounds funny..

Mama.! Mama.! look..


Don't mess with me..

Hmn..had a hard day..

Quick, u fool..#@.!

Time for some rest..

Whhaat.? I didn't do anything..

shut up, u idiot..

Now, this is what I call Coooool....

Tap dance..



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