March 19, 2009

Free Softwares


PhotoFiltre is an image and photo retouching utility. It can
facilitate simple things with your photos like flip horizontally &
vertically, crop photos, adjust the size, adjust brightness/contrast,
adjust color levels, or add effects to your photos like sharpening,
blurring, etc, It can also help to do many advanced adjustments like
using masks, add transparency effects, use advanced text effects
(rotation, shading, etc) and even blend images together. PhotoFiltre
is portable, no installation needed. When run it extracts all the
files into a folder. After this is done you can execute the program
from this very folder itself. You can also copy this folder to a USB
drive and execute the programme from there as well. PhotoFiltre
provides a wide range of filters, over 100 of them including
saturation, gamma correction, watercolor, pastel, pointillism, and others.

The tool can be downloaded at

A tutorial can be browsed at

Partition Manager

The easy-to-use interface of Partition ManagerExpress Edition can help
organize your hard drive and redistributes free space to enhance
system perfomance. Its key features include: Redistribute Unused Disk
Space-Gain additional space in an your existing partitions by easily
resizing and moving partitions with the help of smart Resize Wizard;
Organize and optimize your hard drive-Add partitions with the Create
Partition Wizard. A partition to host Windows and automatically
create a new partition for work and data files; and Dual boot user
systems- with separate drive partitions, you can install several
operating systems and have a choice on startup; Assign/Remove drive
letter; Check file system integrity; and Shutdown on completion.

The 96.3 MB Partition Manager Express v9.0 can be downloaded at


ml_ipod, a Winamp iPod plugin, lets users manage their iPods using
winamp, no need of iTunes. The plugin facilitates transfer of music
files from PC to iPod. You can manage your iPod from within the winamp
media library. After installing, connect your iPod to PC and point
winamp to the disk drive iPod was assigned. Now, Winamp can play all
your iPod collection from your PC. ml_ipod supports all kinds of
iPods, from the classic first generation iPods, to the iPod mini,
photo, nano and shuffle and everything in between. Winamp iPod plugin
id a freeware and works with windows starting from 98 to Vista.

The iPod Plugin Version 3.10 can be downloaded at

An FAQ can be browsed at

DVD Knife

DVD Knife is a simple tool to extract DVD clips from DVDs. A simple
tool to use DVD Knife has the ability to extract long VOB clips in few
seconds. It just takes three steps to extract a clip: "start, select
and save". The clips are stored in VOB format and can be easily be
emailed. The features of DVD Knife include: Facilitates storing of
favorite movie or film scenes, seperately; DVD video is neither
compressed nor decompressed to extract clips, hence the clipped part
is of same quality as that of the original; Windows Media Player is
used for viewing, so even large clips can be played.

The 3.93 MB DVD Knife can be downloaded at  Please note that you would require
DVD codecs.


A utility to hide my files in the pc and thumb drives.

You could try the 2.99 MB TrueCrypt at It
can encrypt an entire partition or storage device such as USB flash
drive or hard drive.
[2018] Best Alternatives for TrueCrypt as it is not secure now - Click Here



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