April 17, 2009

Choose Your Own URL for Your Google Profile

Google Profiles, the page the big G wants you to use as your universal contact page, now lets you choose your own URL cap instead of a number string. So http://www.google.com/profiles/mohan.85in is up for grabs.

Head to the link below and scroll down to find the URL changer. Two big caveats, however: Those who've linked their profile pages to their Gmail accounts can't change it, and you only get one shot at changing your URL, so choose wisely.

On the whole, it makes your profile easier to find and send out as a link, while still retaining the selective info sharing the Profiles were set up to facilitate.

Are you finding your Google Profile page useful, as either search engine bait or a contact manager, or is it just another form for you to fill out? Tell us your take in the comments.


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