June 5, 2009

World Environment Day - Ban Plastic



Harmful Effects of Plastic

Say “No to Plastic Bags, Plastic Cups/Plates/straw/Fork”? Find alternatives.


Whether it is inadvertent or deliberate, use of plastic bags create many problems. Its growing usage among people worldwide is a real concern as the impact of plastics on the environment are really dangerous!


          These plastic materials are so light that they are carried away by the speed of moving vehicles, wind etc., scattered all over and litter the surroundings.

          Plastic bags cause blocks in city drainage systems, resulting in an unhygienic environment. This littering also reduces the rate of rain water percolation, resulting in the reduction of already low water levels.

          Soil fertility deteriorates as the plastic bags form part of manure and remain in the soil for many years!

          Wild life, sea life (Whales, Turtles, fishes) and domestic animals (cows, sheep, etc.) in rural/urban/forest areas are dying every year! Tens of thousands of whales, turtles, birds and animals are killed as they often mistake plastic bags for food.

          Black plastic bags made of recycled plastic are much more hazardous to health.

          People who go on picnics, visiting historic places, hill stations etc., carry eatables in containers, plastic bags, mineral water bottles (plastic), plastic plates and plastic cups and generally leave it in the open air after consuming the contents.

          Waste materials from cities/towns are sometimes deposited in garbage piles on highways near villages. Many times they are burnt on the roadside polluting the area with thick smoke which produce toxic gases. Inhalation of such gases causes lung diseases and even cancer!


Tips to reduce plastic use


There are simple ways on how we can contribute to make our society ‘Plastic-Free’! Day by day, bag by bag we can make differences by choosing alternatives to plastic bags.

  • When celebrating birthdays at office, parties at home or outside, stop using plastic cups, plates, carry bags.
  • Say no to plastic bags when shopping.



  Need your comments on alternative tips for banning plastic.


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  1. hiii..only if people carry a bag with them whenever they go out to buy stuff..am seeing that even for a single packet of milk,people usually ask for a plastic[thin]bag. people just don't care n' they are not aware. spreading awareness is quite important which individually we can do as well as form groups n' work. yes..n' the law. If it is there that has to be used..


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