August 13, 2009

Useful tips - To Keep Swine Flu AWAY

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Strong Immune system is the key to avoid H1NI infection.

Swine flu in India is spreading like wildfire, taking the toll to ten.
Officials say there are currently more than 1000 cases of the H1N1 flu
strain in India. Governments from all around the world are finding ways to
combat this deadly disease. So what can you do to protect yourself? Stay
calm and practice these 10 effective prevention tips.

1. Wash your hands frequently
Use the antibacterial soaps to cleanse your hands. Wash them often, at
least 15 seconds and rinse with running water. Alcohol based hand
sanitizers can also be used.

2. Get enough sleep
Try to get 8 hours of good sleep every night to keep your immune system in
top flu-fighting shape.

3. Keep hydrated
Drink 8 to10 glasses of water each day to flush toxins from your system and
maintain good moisture and mucous production in your sinuses.

4. Boost your immune system
Keeping your body strong, nourished, and ready to fight infection is
important in flu prevention. So stick with whole grains, colorful
vegetables, and vitamin-rich fruits.

5. Keep informed
The government is taking necessary steps to prevent the pandemic and
periodically release guidelines to keep the pandemic away. Please make sure
to keep up to date on the information and act in a calm manner.

6. Avoid alcohol
Apart from being a mood depressant, alcohol is an immune suppressant that
can actually decrease your resistance to viral infections like swine flu.
So stay away from alcoholic drinks so that your immune system may be

7. Be physically active
Moderate exercise can support the immune system by increasing circulation
and oxygenating the body. For example brisk walking for 30-40 minutes 3-4
times a week will significantly perk up your immunity.

8. Keep away from sick people
Flu virus spreads when particles dispersed into the air through a cough or
sneeze reach someone else’s nose. So if you have to be around someone who
is sick, try to stay a few feet away from them and especially, avoid
physical contact.

9. Know when to get help
Consult your doctor if you have a cough and fever and follow their
instructions, including taking medicine as prescribed.

10. Avoid crowded areas
Try to avoid unnecessary trips outside. Moreover, avoid touching your eyes,
nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.

One of the preventive measures against Swine Flu

Use "Nilgiri Oil" (Eucalyptus oil) drops on handkerchiefs and masks as one
of the preventive measures against Swine Flu (NIV) National Institute of

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Not just Tulasi, Vitamin C rich substances are known to boost immunity. So
taking hot Lemon or Amla (Indian Gooseberry) powder mixed with hot water
would be very helpful.

Indian herbs

Tulsi can help keep swine flu away: Ayurvedic experts

Lucknow, May 27: Wonder herb Tulsi can not only keep the dreaded swine flu
at bay but also help in fast recovery of an afflicted person, Ayurvedic
practitioners claim.

"The anti-flu property of Tulsi has been discovered by medical experts
across the world quite recently. Tulsi improves the body's overall defence
mechanism including its ability to fight viral diseases. It was
successfully used in combating Japanese Encephalitis and the same theory
applies to swine flu," Dr U K Tiwari, a herbal medicine practitioner says.

Apart from acting as a preventive medicine in case of swine flu, Tulsi can
help the patient recover faster.

"Even when a person has already contracted swine flu, Tulsi can help in
speeding up the recovery process and also help in strengthening the immune
system of the body," he claims.

Dr Bhupesh Patel, a lecturer at Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar is
also of the view that Tulsi can play an important role in controlling
swine flu.

"Tulsi can control swine flu and it should be taken in fresh form. Juice
or paste of at least 20-25 medium sized leaves should be consumed twice a
day on an empty stomach."

This increases the resistance of the body and, thereby, reduces the
chances of inviting swine flu," believes Patel.

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