September 16, 2010

A cute love story - Final Part - Harini's Story

And here comes the climax…………….


Harini's Story

I am Harini and I'm avinash's wife and I am proud to be so. According to me he is the best photographer in the world. He says that he got his success and awards because of me but it's not true. He has a great talent in photography. He just needed some backup and I am fortunate to provide him the necessary support. Avinash is a great personality and I am very lucky to be his girl.

I first met Avinash in a chat on yahoo messenger. My yahoo ID is rani17981. I saw his yahoo ID clickharrypotter and I found the ID interesting. Whenever I tried to chat with anyone I was always asked the question regarding ASL. And he was the first person to chat with me without asking the question "ASL Please?"  This made me to develop friendship with Avinash. I always called him Potter and I liked it that way. The friendship that started that day with a small chat has grown slowly and steadily and he became my best friend.

I realized that he has a great liking for photography. He needed some support or someone to encourage his hobby. He was in a dilemma whether to continue his hobby or not. I don't know why but I felt that he can become a successful photographer. So I encouraged him. I told him to continue his hobby. I tried to develop some confidence in him. We used to chat for hours daily. But we never saw each other. He never sent me his photograph or me to him. I took a promise from him that I would first see his photo only in a newspaper taking some award.

I used to tease him on his views on Love. He always used to give me big lectures on it. He used to say that he would find his girl one day. I liked his views and his ideas on Love. I always thought that he can become a perfect lover. Slowly I got emotionally attached to him. I asked him many times whether he found his girl or not. I tried to get a place in his heart. I always waited for a right moment to express my Love towards him.

One day he came up with the news that he has won a prize for his photograph in an exhibition conducted by Mumbai Press Club. I felt very happy to him. I know how much the award means to him. But that day he said something which made me feel that he loves me. He said that I am his lucky girl. I felt as if I am the luckiest person in the world. The next day I told him that I Love him. But I was wrong. After a couple of days I received a mail from him saying that he does not love me. He always looked at me as a friend. I felt very sad. I thought that I should never mail him or contact. But after few days I realized how wrong I am.

He said that Truth and honesty are the foundations of Love. But I was never honest to him. I always told lies. I told lies from the beginning of our chat. I mailed to Potter that I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to say the truth.  I told that 17981 in rani17981 meant a part of my SSN whereas it meant my Birthday - September 17th 1981. I told him that I live in USA whereas I live in Mumbai. I told him that I am Rani whereas I am Haritha, Haritha Mittal.

Coming to the other side of my story, I first met Avinash when I went to appear for a test to Hexaware Technologies Ltd. Later I met him near my house during my driving classes. I never thought that he is the same person with whom I chat daily. He told me that he was preparing for GATE. He was new to Mumbai and does not have any friends. We became good friends. I encouraged him to prepare for GATE. He never told me about Rani or me never to him about Potter.

I was in Calcutta to attend my relative's marriage when I proposed my love to Potter. But he said that he always looked me as a friend. I felt very sad. But when Avinash asked me the reason for it when I came back to Mumbai, I lied to him saying that my marriage has been fixed. I did not want Avinsah to know about it. Neither Avinash nor I knew at that time we both were dealing with each other. After a few days I got a call from Delhi to attend an interview. I made my preparations to go to Delhi. Avinash left to Bangalore as he got selected for Infosys. I did not attend the interview at Delhi as I got another good offer in Mumbai.

I have decided to tell Potter all the lies I have told him. I mailed him to come to chat the next day. But the next day was really a bad day. The train which I was supposed to travel met with an accident and my name cam in the paper declaring that I am no more. The newspaper got my name from the reservation charts. I was also shocked to see the mail from Potter. Only then I realized that my Potter is same as Avinsah. I did not believe it. It's the greatest surprise I ever had. But I immediately understood the pain Avinsahs was going through.

The next day Avinsash returned to Mumbai. I met him. He was surprised to see me. He wept like a baby seeing me and holding my hand. Then I told him about Rani.

"How do you know Rani?" he asked.

"Because... I am rani17981"


"Yes... Unbelievable... but true. As rani17981 I told you lies. I realized that you are Mr.Potter only after I saw the mail you have sent me yesterday" I said explaining him everything.

That's the most beautiful day of our life. We danced together. We laughed at each other for our foolishness. Tears of happiness flowed through our eyes. It was like entire happiness in the world has come to us to celebrate the joy with us. After a year we got married and settled in Bangalore. This is our story.

He calls me Harini, a combination of Haritha and Rani and I like it that way. This is our story. Ooops.. I am getting late for the press conference.

Meet you later. Bye, take care and don't forget to tell us if you have any Love story J

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