September 16, 2010

A cute love story - Part II

Hello Mumbai 


Mumbai - The financial hub of India welcomed me after my studies. Mumbai single handedly handles 25% of the domestic and 38% of the international air passenger traffic in the country. The literacy rate here is 85.6% compared to India's overall literacy of 65.4%. Mumbai pays nearly 35% of India's total income tax. The Indian representative of International Cinema, The Bollywood resides in Mumbai. In one word Mumbai is considered to be the unofficial capital of India. And I joined the flow of Mumbai hunting for a job.


My parents stay in Andheri west near Lokhandwala in the quarters provided by the bank. From the first day I landed in Mumbai several questions crept in my mind. Where to go? What to do? How to do? Whom to ask? And you this is not an easy task.


The first thing I did when I came to Mumbai is that I ensured that there is a net connection to the PC in my home. There are two advantages if I have a net connection in home. One I can send resumes to the companies, check my mail sitting in the house instead of  going out and getting lost in Mumbai. Second and the most important one is that I can be in touch with Rani. I can have a chat with her whenever I want.


We used to chat during night so that it can be feasible for her as she lives in US.


rani17981: So, Mr.Potter how is Mumbai?

clickharrypotter: Its great. But I did not like the climate. It's so sultry here.


She never called me by my name. She always calls me Mr.Potter.


rani17981: And any news on your job hunt?

clickharrypotter: Nope, not yet. Yesterday only I have sent resumes to all the companies. I booked my resume in some jobsites. I am also preparing for GATE.

rani17981: Hmmm... That's good. All the best.

clickharrypotter: Thanks.

rani17981: So Mr.Potter, Get a job soon, find a girl. I will come to India to attend your marriage.


Rani always used to tease me on the name of marriage. She knows my reply and she makes fun of my answers.


clickharrypotter: You started it again. I told you before and I repeat it. It's not easy to get a girl for me. Mine will be a Love marriage.

rani17981: Ha Ha Ha... Love marriage. OK My dear Potter, tell me what kind of girl do you want. I will try to find her wherever she is.

clickharrypotter: You will never find her. Only I can find her. Love is something which cannot happen by the recommendation of others or by seeing some specific characters in a person. You can say many reasons why you hate or dislike a person but there is no reason why one likes or love someone. So only I can find my Lucky girl.

rani17981: I don't believe. If one can have reasons for hating someone, how can there be no reason for loving someone.

clickharrypotter: Listen, Pure Love is unconditional. If U say some reasons for loving someone, Its not pure Love. For example If I Love someone because she has beautiful eyes, she has beautiful hair..etc. Do I stop loving her if after some days the beauty is lost. No. That is not pure Love. Love is some related to heart. It's pure and unconditional. So, I repeat, only I can find her and no one else.

rani17981: Hmmm... I still don't understand it. I think Love is very complex to understand and please leave me I don't want to deal with complex things.

clickharrypotter: Who started this?

rani17981: OK.. Sorry baba. What happened to your hobby?

clickharrypotter: I don't have time for photography now. I need to prepare for my GATE examination. But still I have sent my entry to Mumbai Press Club. They are going to arrange an exhibition with some of the good photos.

rani17981: That's cool. All the best.

clickharrypotter: Thanks.


She always used to support me in continuing my hobby. Being a fashion designer she has keen interest in photography.


Love - It always used to be my favorite topic. I always liked great Love stories. I decided in my college days that mine would be a Love marriage. I will wait whole my life until I find someone who can get a place in my heart. The time came soon within a month.


I can never forget the days I stayed in Mumbai during my life. Mumbai gifted me with the person for whom I was looking for. I saw her when I went to take a test. She is Haritha... Haritha Mittal.



                There are some incidents in life which you can never forget. Those are the most memorable moments of life. The group discussion that was held in Hexaware Technologies is one of them.


I have sent my resume to various companies. Being a fresher, I did not get many calls for test or interview. The first call for the test and interview came from Hexaware Technologies Ltd. I remember it for two reasons. First - It was my first attempt for a job in my life. Second and the most important one, it introduced Haritha Mittal to me.


The test and interview was at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. I don't know where it is and how to reach there. That was the first time I stepped out of my house into the vast city of Mumbai. The distance between Andheri and Vashi is simply too much. Please don't ask me how I reached there. It will become a big book to describe that adventure.


There were around 500 people waiting to attend the test. Later on I found that the count is some what close to 700. We had an aptitude or analytical or whatever it is, some entrance exam to test your skills you never know that they exist in you. After a torture of one hour, I completed the test. The results came after two hours. I was surprised to hear that I cleared the test. Of course mine is the last number in the list.


Next comes the group discussion, and next the technical interview and finally the HR gets a chance to destroy your brain completely if at all anything is left out after all these aptilical (aptitude and analytical combined) tests and interviews.


It's my first group discussion. We were given a topic. It goes like this. A plane crashes in the jungle and only few people survive the accident along with the captain of the plane. Among them, there are people with different occupations say hunter, policeman, social worker... blah ..blah ... blah. Everyone is expert in some or the other profession and everyone wants to lead the team to the nearest village of which they know nothing. Now the question is - What must captain do and whom he must support? Put forth your argument with appropriate reasons.


I did not understand whether I was applying for a position of Software Engineer or for a commando in some remote jungle. Surprisingly there is no Software Engineer among them. If there had been a software Engineer, I would have supported him. I looked at the faces of others. Everyone looked as confused as I am.


One girl who sat opposite to me started her argument. I did not listen what she said but I read some where that you should try to gain upper hand in group discussions to get more points. I stood and shouted at the top of my voice. "I object". I shouted as if I was arguing a case in a court. Everyone looked at me. But the jolt that I caused did not affect the girl. She also stood and started arguing with me at the top of her voice. After sometime we two were the only people participating in the discussion literally shouting at each other on the top of our voices. After 20 minutes the discussion was taken off by the organizer.


I was not selected. I was a bit disappointed as I thought that I did well at group discussion outperforming everyone. Neither did the girl who argued with me was selected.


She is Haritha Mittal. That was my first meeting with her. Our introduction started with shouting against each other in a group discussion.


After a few days, I got another mail from a different company to attend the test and interview. The drama started again. I cleared the test. But this time I was not the last person. You know, I am improving. While I was waiting for the group discussion to start, I saw Haritha. I felt sorry for what I did last time. I went to her.


"Hi..." I said expecting an unexpected reply from her.

"Hi..." She said. "So, you are back again"

"Actually, I want to say sorry to you for what has happened last time."

"It's OK... I am also sorry. I lost my temper and was shouting at you like anything"

"By the way I am Avinash"

"I am Haritha, Haritha Mittal"


That's a great relief for me. Thank god she did not shout at me again.


"So, cleared the test? Ready for another fight?" She said laughing.

"Yup.. Waiting for the fight to start"


We spent sometime there discussing what would be the topic this time. After half an hour we were called inside. Fortunately we were in two different groups. Remembering my previous experience in group discussion, this time I sat silently and gave the chance to yell at each other to other people. And obviously I was not selected.


After the group discussion I met Haritha. She has cleared the group discussion. She would be attending the Technical and HR Interview the next day. Thus the story of me and Haritha began and this is just only the beginning.


To be continued..

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