September 16, 2010

A cute love story - Part III

The Sudden Surprise


After the first two tests, I did not attend any test/interview which involved a group discussion. I could not handle that torture. Now I concentrated more on preparing for GATE examination. I used to get up early in the morning at 10:30 AM, go for driving classes, play video games, have a good nap in the afternoon, Watch TV in the evening, sit before the net, chat with Rani and go to bed at around 1:00 AM.


Rani always used to advise me to study hard for GATE. I used to tell her that I am doing my best. Unfortunately I could not get much time for studies because of the busy schedule. I did not tell Rani about the group discussion. I don't want to get embarrassed by telling her about it. I did not meet Haritha after our last encounter. But there is a surprise element hidden in everybody's life.


I used to go to four wheeler driving classes near to our house. One day the driver took me to the Lokhandwala. He stopped before an apartment. He told me that a new comer would be joining us from that day. To my surprise it's Haritha. She stepped in to the car and was surprised to see me.


"Hi... How are you?" I said.

"Hi... How come you here?" She asked me with surprise.

"My house near to this Place" I said pointing the road leading to my house.

"That's cool.."

"What about your Interview? Did you get selected?"

"Nope" She said. "They want a B.Tech graduate. But I am only a B.Com graduate. So I could not able to get it. What about you?"

"I did not try any other company after that. I am preparing for GATE"

"Wow... That's great. One of my friends is also preparing for it. Best of Luck"

"No need for Luck. You know I am studying day and night for it. I think I can clear the exam easily" I said taking pride in my voice.

"That's really great. Anyway All the Best and take care of your health. Don't study too much and spoil your health"

"It's OK. Actually I have no other work to do than to study. I have no friends here. So I never come out of my house"

"So, you are not from Mumbai?"

"No.. I am Avinash from Hyderabad"

"OK... Avinash. Don't worry. We can be friends. If you feel bored of your studies anytime, you can come over here"

"Thanks a lot" I said. At last I got a friend in Mumbai.


From that day onwards, I changed my schedule. Every evening I used to meet Haritha. We used to spend time walking through the Lokhandwala market. While I used to say that I was studying day and night sleeping for only two or three hours, she used to advise me to take some rest.


"I think you need to take a break. Studying continuously for hours is not good for health"


Sitting in the house and watching movies or playing video games over the PC continuously is not good for health. But If I say this to Haritha she will definitely kill me on the spot.


"But my GATE examination is coming closer... I need to work hard for it" I said trying to sound genuine.

"Nothing goes wrong if you take a break for a day. I am planning to take you to Mumbai Darshan"

"Mumbai Darshan? I am not going to come. I am not going to travel in those crowded locals" I said trying to escape even a single chance of traveling in those crowded Mumbai Locals.

"Wait.. Wait.. We will be traveling by bus. We will start early in the morning tomorrow and will be back in the evening"

"OK." I said. I don't want to miss this opportunity.


We planned to meet the next day morning. We boarded the bus early in the morning at 7:00 AM and started off towards the great Mumbai city. We saw Boot house, Hanging gardens, Kamla Nehru Park, Nariman Point, Gateway of India, Stock Exchange, Chowpati beach, Race Course, Nehru Planetarium, Haji Ali, mahalakshmi Temple, Film City etc. We visited the houses of various prominent film stars. As it was Tuesday Siddhivinayak Temple was crowded heavily and so we skipped it. She brought some chapatis and bread from her house. In the evening we got off at Juhu beach.


I can never forget that day I spent with Haritha. The Ice-cream at Juhu beach, the chat at Chowpati, the beautiful view of the city from Nariman Point, the walk into the sea at Haji Ali and especially the moments I spent with Haritha. I am slowly getting emotionally attached towards her.



 4 more parts to go….to be continued..

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