September 9, 2010

Freeware / Free Software 09 Sep 2010

Enso Words

Enso Words offers several tools rolled into one —spellcheck, a dictionary, a thesaurus, word and character counter. The spellcheck and the dictionary can be used in any application. With Enso's define and thesaurus commands you can look up a word's definition or synonym, anytime, anywhere, including a web page, or in your favorite music player. Yes, Enso Words gives you spell-check power for all of your favorite programs, from Microsoft Word and Mozilla Firefox to Macromedia Fireworks. As long as you can select it, you can spell check it! Misspelled words are highlighted in yellow. It's easy to switch between definitions and the thesaurus. Just click which one you want—you'll never need to re-type anything. The character count feature counts the number of characters in the selection.

The 12.3 MB can be downloaded at

To know more take the Enso Words Tour at


With a unique 3D interface, easy upload and great sharing tools, quanp is the new online way to manage all the digital stuff. It lets you upload Microsoft(R) Office files directly from the application, making it a snap to back up and share your files which can be browsed visually or searched by keyword, tag, or more. One click uploading, you can even designate a local folder to auto-upload. Quanp facilitates drag and drop upload, and provides every file with a visual thumbnail which makes it easy to see all of them. Sharing is easy too, with one click invite people to view your files and post comments. And, what you share and whom you share it with can be restricted. You can send large files (up to 500MB) and share with anyone, including non-quanp users. quanp is currently available in beta, offers 10GB space free.

You can download the Quanp "s Desktop Client for Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista SP1 or later, and Windows 7 at

CD-ROM lock

Locking your CD-ROM drive could prove useful to help restrict unauthorized use, especially, if you share your PC with others, and also prevent children using it without your knowledge. CD-ROM lock offers a very convenient way of locking and unlocking all your CD-ROM drives. This small programme blocks the eject button at almost every CD/DVD drive and gives the user the power of controlling the CD/DVD drive by a small icon at the windows system tray.By default, when the software is launched, it will automatically lock your CD drive. You can't open it using the hardware's eject button. To unlock it, tick the Unlock tickbox and press OK. You will be prompted to enter the unlock password. When the password is correct, the drive will be unlocked, as signified by the green circle.

The 170 KB CD-ROM lock can be downloaded at


Could you suggest an application to browse websites on mobile phones easily?

You could try the web based service, Rocketshotz to add, delete and organize your favorite web sites and instantly have them available on your mobile web browser.

FAQ at



"You are educated when you have the ability to listen to almost
anything without losing your temper or self-confidence."

- Robert Frost


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