September 18, 2010

FW: Thought for the Day: Energy in the problems




Thought for the Day: Energy in the problems

Whatever holds you back also compels you to build the strength and determination to move forward. Though the effort is difficult, that is precisely why it can bring such a great sense of satisfaction.

The disappointments are painful, and yet they enable you to truly appreciate the positive possibilities. When your path is blocked, you have the opportunity to find a more promising path.

Instead of giving away your energy in a fight against the problems, choose to adopt a more effective strategy. Find the positive energy in each problem and use it to move ahead.

Take the energy that pushes against you, and redirect that energy to work in your favor. Seize the valuable opportunities that arise from every turn of events.

Whatever happens, there is something positive and useful that you can take from it. Know with certainty where you wish to go, and you'll find plenty of energy to get you there.







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