September 16, 2010

A cute love story - Part IV - Sep 17th!!!

Joggers Park


After Mumbai Darshan, Haritha and I became good friends. I never told Rani about Haritha. She would tease me if I told her that I am going out with a girl. She always waits for an opportunity to tease me in these matters. I never hide anything near Rani. She is my best pal from my college days. We used to chat once or twice a week.


One day she told me that she is coming to India.


clickharrypotter: That's good news. When are you coming?

rani17981: I did not plan yet. But I will let you know once I am ready with my plans.

clickharrypotter: That's great.

rani17981: So how is your hobby going on?

clickharrypotter: As I told you already, I have sent my entry to Mumbai Press Club and am waiting for the results.

rani17981: That's good. Do you remember the promise that you made to me?

clickharrypotter: Yes. I remember. But that is not in my hands. I am trying my best.

Rani always encouraged me to continue my hobby. She is the person who understood me completely and helped me in every sense


rani17981: All the best and did you find your girl?

clickharrypotter: Nope.

rani17981: So... Can I try for you?

clickharrypotter: Its not that easy to impress me.


I don't know why she always keeps me asking the same question again and again.


On the other side Haritha always used to encourage me to concentrate on my studies. I never told Haritha about my hobby. I always boasted at her that I was preparing for GATE and giving my best to it. She helped me a lot in increasing my aptilical skills. Haritha is a great personality. She is very spiritual and courageous. Though she came from a rich family, she never showed it. She always used to be simple. She does not want to depend on anyone. She takes her career seriously. She is great... simply great.


She gets up early in the morning at 5:00 AM and goes for jogging unlike me who like sleeping till 10:00 AM. Then she goes for yoga classes. After that, driving classes and then she would be busy with her preparations for CAT. Her aim is to get a seat in IIM. She is a great hard worker.


"Why don't you come to jogging early in the morning?" She asked me one day.

"Actually, I wake up a bit late" I said.

"Try to wake up early in the morning"

"Early in the morning... Me?? No way"

"Why? Tomorrow you are coming to jogging with me. That's it. See you tomorrow"


I did not understand what to do. I never woke up at 5:00 AM in my life except to watch Cricket matches in Australia. The matches in Australia start early in the morning.


Next day I woke up at 5:30 AM with great difficulty. My parents were shocked. As I reached the joggers park its 6:00 AM. Haritha already completed her jogging.


"You are late" She said.

"I am sorry. You know it's very difficult to get up early in the morning" I said yawning.

"It's difficult in the beginning. But once you get used to it, you will feel great"

"Hmmm... But I think I need sometime to get used to it"

"See how many people are coming early in the morning. You can also try..."

"I don't know whether I can do it or not"

"You will do it. You will do it for me. I am sorry I did not tell you..." She said waving her hand to one of her friends.

"What?" I said. I did not understand what she is talking about.

"Actually, I made a bet with my friend Shreya"

"Bet??? What bet?"

"She always comes with her boy friend to jogging and she challenged me that I don't have any friends and I always come alone. So, I thought that I can prove to her that I also have one boy friend"

"You should have told me before. I would have come at 4:00 AM"

"I don't want to trouble you about this. I just asked you casually"

"Its OK.. Where is your friend?"

"She has already left. I lost the bet. You came a bit late"

I felt vary sad.

"Don't worry. Its OK" She said trying not to disappoint me.


But I felt really bad. From that day I woke up at 5:00 AM early in the morning everyday. I thought that I should never disappoint her. I even started preparing for GATE seriously. Behind the success of every man's life there is a woman behind him. I think it's true. I completely changed myself from a lazy and careless person to a person with a goal in his life. She brought change in my life. I seriously started liking her and on sep 17th…..



September 17th


It's been Five months since I came to Mumbai. I could not make any friends in Mumbai except Haritha. It's been Four months since I met Haritha the first time in Mumbai. We became good friends. We used to meet daily in the morning at Joggers Park and in the evening. Now I could not imagine a day without spending time with Haritha. She is the only friend I can look to in this vast city of Mumbai. She is my best and the only friend in Mumbai.


I continued my job hunt sitting in the home sending my Resume to more and more companies. One day I got a call from Infosys. Thank god they don't have group discussion or interview in their recruitment process. There is only one entrance exam which includes some aptilical questions. I appeared for the test and I felt confident about the result. After the test they told me that they will let me know about the result in a day or two. I was very confident about the result. I thought that no one could stop me now. I did not tell this to Haritha. I wanted to give her a surprise after I got selected for Infosys.


One day in the morning Haritha called me and told me that she is planning for a movie that day. She asked me to come to Fame Adlabs theatre by 11:00 AM in the morning. Fame Adlabs is a multiplex theatre with all the amenities in it. I reached the theatre by 10:45 AM. She was already waiting for me. She was looking really gorgeous that day. She was wearing a new sari. That's the first time I saw her in a sari. She was looking great. I could not turn my eyes from her.


"You look simply great today" I said.

"Hey Thanks..."

"What is the matter?"

"Today is September 17th. It's my Birthday"

"Wow... Many many Happy Returns of the day" I said. "So you are giving me a treat"

"Yes.. Let's go. It's already 11:00"

"Why did not you tell me that its your Birthday? I would have planned your Birthday in a great way"

"Great way???"

"Yes... I would have planned your treat in Taj Hotel which is at Gate Way of India"

"OK.. Don't worry. We will plan that on your birthday and you can give your treat in Taj"

"He He.. Leave it. Taj is too far from here. This is also fine"

"Now... Just shut up and come"


I took her to a near by shop to buy her a Birthday gift. There were various gift items in the shop. I did not understand what to select. I asked her to choose anything among the articles present there.


"Why are you trying to impress me? No formalities. Come on let's go". But I did not listen.

I brought her a small key chain with a beautiful globe attached to it.

"It's really beautiful. Thanks a lot" She said smiling.


We went inside. There was a small on the spot dance competition going inside the Multiplex for couples. Three or four couples were trying their Luck.


"Come on..." Haritha said. "Let's try our Luck"

"Ha Ha Ha... You don't know something. I am very poor at dancing"

"See those people. All are students like you. See how they are dancing..."

"But I am not a student anymore" I said winking at her.

"You will again become a student once you clear the GATE exam" She said.

"Of course... Of Course" I said.

"Now... Hold my hand and just repeat what I do" She said grabbing my hand and dragging me on to the dance floor.


I took her hand in mine. She put one of her hands on my shoulder and we started dancing. That was a great experience. I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were bright. She was smiling. Her steps were tapping perfectly to the music on the floor and my heart beating perfectly to her tunes. Those were simply the greatest moments I cannot describe. I am a pathetic dancer. But she was dancing beautifully. We danced for ten minutes. We did not get selected because of my poor dancing.


After that we went to the movie. But I did not see the movie. I don't know what happened to me but I am no longer the same Avinash who came to Mumbai in search of a job. I came to Mumbai hunting for a job. But Mumbai gifted me with girl of my life. It took five months for me to recognize it. I am in Love. I wanted to stand on the top of a building in Mumbai and shout to the world...







To be continued……

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