September 16, 2010

A cute love story - Part 1



Truth is stranger than fiction. There are some incidents in life which make you wonder, which keep you amazing. Pure Love is greater than truth. Its a gift given by god to us. Its stranger, wonderful and unbelievable than anything in the world. Just anything...




Avinash Chakravarthy from Bangalore has secured first position at International Photography Awards this year.  He is a member of CIPC - Central India Photographic Council. He works for Infosys, Bangalore as a Programmer Analyst. The members of the CIPC are extemely happy about the achievement of Avinash. Avinash is supported by his wife...


I closed the paper and called my wife.


"Harini... come here. Your name has come in the paper"

"Coming Avinash, Getting ready for the press conference" She said.


I am Avinash Chakravarthy. I work as a Programmer Analyst at Infosys Technologies Ltd, Bangalore. Photography has become my hobby right from my childhood.


Harini is my wife. She deserves all the laurels and appreciations that are coming in my way. She is the one who has sent the photo taken by me to the contest. She did not even tell me until I got the news that I have won the award. It's a big and unexpected surprise for me. I am very fortunate to have her in my life. I don't know what would have happened to me if she had not come into my life. I could not imagine that.


I always dreamt of this award. But I did not have money even to buy a small camera. My parents never encouraged this hobby. They never gave me money to buy one. They always thought that this is a complete waste of time. They wanted me to become a Software Engineer. So, all I used to do is collect good photos published in the Newspapers. During my college days I bought a small camera with my pocket money. From then, it became my world. I used to take my camera wherever I go.


Those were good olden college days. That was the time when I was in my last semester. I was quite famous in my college for my photography. I have won one or two prizes in the local photography exhibition contests. I was thinking of my career about being a professional Photographer. But I know that my parents would never encourage that. I had to make a decision soon as my studies were getting completed. I did not want photography to remain as a hobby. But I did not have enough courage to take risk in life and become a photographer. I did not have any friends close to my heart to stand by my side and encourage me to take a bold step in my career.


I waited for someone to support me. I waited for someone who can encourage me. I waited for someone who can make difference in my life. I waited for a true friend who would understand me. Behind every successful man, there is a woman. This is true in my case.


This is my story. This is the story of a successful photographer. This is the story of the photographs that made me a successful photographer. This is the story behind my success. This is my Love story...



Meet Rani17981


Internet is one of the major inventions of this century. It made the whole world shrink to a global village. There are innumerable advantages of it. It contains lots of information. It helps knowledge seekers very much and blah..blah..blah. If I start saying what is internet, How it has changed our lives, what are the advantages of it, it will be a big book. So, Lets forget it. According to me the greatest advantage of Internet is that it brings people together. It helps you to make friends all over the world. It has brought Rani into my life. Thanks to Yahoo messenger and Harry Potter.


I am a great fan of Harry Potter books. I tried many yahoo IDs but unfortunately I could not get any. So I prepared my Yahoo Id as This has brought near me.


Those were the days when I was searching for a project to do in the final year. I did not have any intention to do a brand new project and prove myself to this world. I was simply searching for some project in the internet which is just enough to get me the graduation certificate. As I was doing B.Tech in Computer Science any project which has some good user interface would suffice. So, Daily I used to go to Internet cafe and sit before the PC to browse for various projects, especially the ones which have good technical terminology and a good looking user Interface.


One day I was sitting in the internet cafe chatting with my parents in Mumbai. My father works in a bank and he has been transferred to Mumbai. Suddenly a pop up window of yahoo messenger came up with the message "Hi..." from rani17981.


I thought for a moment. I initiated a google search in my brain to find out whether this ID belongs to any of my friends or relatives. But my brain came up with a blank page. Another message came from rani17981


rani17981: Hello.. You there?

clickharrypotter: Hi... I am sorry I did not recognize you. May I know who you are?

rani17981: Hi.. I am Rani. I am not your friend or relative. I just saw your Id and it looked interesting. By the way why do you want to click Harry Potter? :-)


I laughed for a moment. Why do I want to click Harry Potter? Good question.


clickharrypotter: Hi.. I am Avinash. Nice meeting you. Actually I am a great fan of Harry Potter and photography is my hobby. So I combined these two to get this ID.

rani17981: That's interesting.

clickharrypotter: Thanks... What is17981 in your ID?

rani17981: It's a part of my SSN. By the way I am Indian from USA. I am doing a course in fashion Technology.

clickharrypotter: Oh..!! That's great. I am doing B.Tech in Comp Science.

rani17981: So, Mr.Potter, you are a software Engineer..???. Not bad.

clickharrypotter: What do you mean by "Not Bad"?

rani17981: I don't know. I never find this Software interesting.

clickharrypotter: What do you think? Even I am not interested in it. I am interested in photography. It's because of my parents that I am in this field.

rani17981: You are a photographer? That's nice. In fashion Technology photographers have an important role to play.


Generally a chat with an unknown person over the net starts with the classic question "ASL please?" But we started with our yahoo IDs, then about our careers and then our hobbies. Weird... Isn't it? I think I am the first person in the world chatting about some career when a girl tried to chat with me. I don't know what she thought of me. But I found her to be interesting.


The chat that started on that day turned my life. She became my best friend. We used to chat for hours over the net. Believe it or not she gave me some project and its source code for my final semester. My project topped the rankings in my college and I secured top marks for the project though I did not do a single line of coding.  I came out of the college with flying colors.


To be continued…

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