September 16, 2010

A cute love story - Part V - I Love you Mr.Potter

Love is the most fascinating, most wonderful and the strangest thing in the world. It gives a new meaning to your life. It turns your life into a new dimension. It makes your world focus on a single person. It enhances the soft corner in your heart. It makes you determined to do anything for the ones whom you Love whatever may be the cost. It makes you feel that you exist no longer for yourself but for the person whom you Love. It increases the responsibility in you. It makes you a complete person in every aspect.

People say that Love is blind. Yes... Love is blind because once you are in Love you no longer see the world with your eyes. You see the world through the eyes of the person you Love. You feel the joy, the pain, the happiness, the sorrow and every moment of the person you Love in your eyes. Your eyes no longer reflect your heart. They reflect the state of the person you Love. They speak the language of your loved ones. They carry the tears of them to see happiness in their eyes. 

Love is the strangest thing in the world. It makes you a Hero for your loved ones. It turns a coward to brave so that he can win the world for his Love. It turns the bravest to cowards making them too cautious, fearsome and always praying for the good of their loved ones.


I am in Love with her. True Love happens only to a privileged few. I am Lucky to be in love, to feel it and to appreciate each and every moment of it. I feel like I am in clouds. I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world. I feel like god. I feel like giving anything or everything for the sake of her.

I became more positive in my approach. I no longer feel sad for not getting a job or failing a test or interview. I no longer become angry at small things. I developed more and more patience. I started liking each and every moment of my life. Suddenly everything in the world looked beautiful. I see her face in the face of every happy person. I see her name everywhere. I felt that Haritha is the most beautiful name and she the most beautiful person in the world.

Every moment, every hour, every minute and every second I think of her. I want to be with her every moment. I want to take care of her. I go to jogging just because she wanted me to come there. Everyday I wake up at 4:00 AM and go to the joggers park and wait for her. I am the first person to be in the park everyday in the morning. I always do some or the other thing wrong during driving classes to extend them so that I can spend more time with her during the classes. I prepare for GATE exam just because she feels happy if I succeed in GATE. I always ask more and more questions to her during her evening walk just to hear her talking to me. I do awkward things just to make her laugh. I always do things wrong just to give her a chance to correct me.

One day Haritha asked me...
"You look different now a days..."
"Yes.. You have changed a lot. You are completely different from what I have seen you on the first day"
"Oh... I see"
"Yes..Many changes in you"
"May I know the changes that you see in me?"
"You look handsome now a days. Your short temper has been reduced. You are becoming more and more confident of yourself. You are developing more and more positive attitude and..." She said looking at me "...and many more changes. What happened to you?"
"Nothing...??? You are lying. There is something"
"Nope... absolutely nothing. In fact I still feel that I am the same old Avinash"
"Hmm... If you dont want to tell. Dont tell but I will find out one day the secret behind your changes"

I did not tell her that I love her. I did not have the courage. What if she does not accept it? What if it effects our friendship? What if she refused to talk to me after that? Many questions rose in my mind and made me helpless. I dont want to lose her because of my silliness.

Often the word "I Love You" is misunderstood by many. It does not mean that you want someone or you want them also to love you in return. It is just a means to let them know that you are there for them and you care for them. Love demands sacrifice. It only knows how to give but never to take. It's a gift of god. But unfortunately for some or other reason it is misinterpreted easily. So I did not want misunderstandings or misinterpretations crop up between us. I waited for a right time to express it.     


I never told Rani about Haritha. She would tease me if I told her that I am going out with a girl and I am in Love with her. She always waits for an opportunity to tease me in these matters. I thought that this is not the right time to tell this news to Rani.


But, when good times come, everything good happens in your life. The entry that I have sent to Mumbai Press won a consolation prize. That's my first recognition as a photographer by a reputed organization. I felt very happy.  I was on cloud nine. I need to tell Rani about the news. She is the one who encouraged me to continue my hobby.


clickharrypotter: I have two good news to tell you.

rani17981: Two good news...???

clickharrypotter: I appeared for entrance exam of Infosys and I did pretty well.

rani17981: Thats great.

clickharrypotter: Yes..They dont have any other hurdles. Just pass the test and you will be in Infosys.

rani17981: When are the results going to come?

clickharrypotter: In a week...

rani17981: What is the other Good News?

clickharrypotter: I was blessed with the first success in my hobby.

rani17981: Please stop the suspense and tell me what happened.

clickharrypotter: I got a consolation prize for the entry that I have sent to Mumbai Press Club.

rani17981: Thats amazing

clickharrypotter: Yes... I never expected it. Though it's a consolation prize, its very valuable to me.

rani17981: I know. Photography has always been more than a hobby to you. I wish that you win more and more prizes and reach greater heights in this field

clickharrypotter: Thanks a lot. When you come to India, I am going to give you a big party.

rani17981: Hey.. Thanks.

clickharrypotter: Dont mention. Today I got this success because of you.


Yes. It is just because of her. She is my best friend I can look to at any moment. She always consoled me whenever I was in depressed state. She helped me a lot in continuing my hobby. Without her I would have left the photography long back. I don't know what would have happened in my life without her.


rain17981: Because of me? What I did?

clickharrypotter: You always encouraged me to continue my hobby. Without your support I would have never gained this success. I would have left my hobby if there was no one to support me. It's you who supported me. It's simply because of you.

rani17981: Don't get too emotional...

clickharrypotter: Its not being emotional. I am saying truth. You are my lucky mascot. You are my Lucky girl. You are my best friend. You are simply great.

rani17981: Potter...

clickharrypotter: You are really my lucky girl. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I am talking too much. But you don't know how I feel. You don't know what photography means to me. I owe you so much. You are my best friend and you are everything to me.

rani17981: Potter, Do you know what you have said just now...

clickharrypotter:  Whatever I said, every single word came from my heart. Why? What happened? Did I say anything wrong? 

rani17981: You will not understand.


I did not understand why Rani became so emotional that day. I don't know why girls become emotional too easily. Haritha went to Calcutta to attend a function in her relative's house. So I could not share my joy with her. She would be back in a week. By that time the results of Infosys test will be declared and I will end up with a job in Infosys. She would be delighted to here this. I thought of telling about Haritha to Rani. She will be very happy to here this. She will tease me, she will make fun of me but I always liked that.


After two days I met Rani again in chatting.


rani17981: Today I want to say some good News to you.

clickharrypotter: I also wanted to tell you some good News.

rani17981: Then, Potter It's your turn first

clickharrypotter: No, Ladies first... It's your turn

rani17981: OK...I am thinking of how to say it

clickharrypotter: Why to think so much? Just say..

rani17981: OK... I was thinking of what you said in the last chat since two days. You said that I am your lucky girl.

clickharrypotter: Yes. You are always my lucky girl

rani17981: Thank you. Thanks for choosing me your lucky girl, the girl of your life. I LOVE YOU. I Love you Mr.Potter.

clickharrypotter: Rani...

rani17981: Yes, Mr.Potter. I am in Love with you. I am coming to India next week. We will meet. We are in Love and we are going to see each other for the first time. It's thrilling. I am excited. I cannot control this excitement. What do you say Potter?


My mind became blank at once. I felt as if my heart has stopped. I never expected this. I felt as if the whole world is collapsing on me. What am I going to do now?



To be continued………


  1. hey great story it 2 d core...... by the way is tis ur imagination or real one.......

  2. Thanks Madhu... :) This is my friends friend real story..

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  4. hey great yaar..... i just waana chat with the way r they in facebook.....


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